Audio Essentials - St. Maarten

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Audio Essentials - St. Maarten


After the incredible success of the Audio Essentials workshop in St. Lucia and Trinidad, the Precision Productions team is headed out for the next stop on its tour - St. Maarten!

It will consist of four (4) days with Kasey Phillips the Owner, CEO, and Head Producer at Precision Productions, who has produced hits such as Machel Montano’s “Mr. Fete”, “Bacchanalist” by Kerwin Du Bois, and unforgettable riddims like the Antilles Riddim, 3Zero Riddim, Lip Service Riddim and the Physique Riddim in 2018.

Kasey will be teaching you Precision’s tricks and sharing tips used in studio to build the record breaking tracks

This workshop will include a discussion on the following topics: 

  • Day 1 – Getting Started – Going over the basics needed for a recording studio setup whilst addressing important topics like acoustics, cabling, and equipment. It will also include a listening session to help the team assess the current level of the students and give participants a comparison point at the end of the workshop to hear their own improvements.

  • Day 2 – Production & Song-Writing – Starting a music production, learning software, insider tips, working with instruments, and implementing audio effects. A first hand approach to songwriting and recording a demo of the song.

  • Day 3 – Recording & Mixing Preparation – Getting vocal recordings done at optimal quality and executing vocal productions that meet international standards. Explaining the steps needed and the procedures to be followed in order to prepare for excellence in mixing.

  • Day 4 – Mixing & Music Business – Aligning the music levels, creating a mix and completion via mastering. Understanding copyright and contracts. Working effectively with a team, and an artist, as well as their management.

From this breakdown it should be clear that not only are practical productions skills going to be taught, but also vital information about working in the music industry will be shared.. For example one vital topic will be: Monetising your finished product.

Also joining the panel to discuss the approach and techniques to song writing will be Cherrod Lewis of CL Productions, along with Zack Cohen co-owner and director of distribution at FOX FUSE LLC, and a former manager of licensing at VP Records/Greensleeves Records, who will participate digitally, and share his insight into the business and contractual sides of creating, selling, and publishing. Joining us as well will ben Katharine Magsaysay, who currently manages the Precision Productions social media + marketing for the Audio Essentials workshop, will also be there to share her insight on the importance of using social media as a tool to get yourself out there, as well as showing participants how to monetise their work on those platforms.

Be sure to sign up for this opportunity and experience four days that will change the way you work in music. This workshop is an experience you won’t want to miss! There are more surprises and panelists in store, so book your spot now.

The workshop will be held from August 29 - September 1st 2018 at the University of Saint. Maarten. Wednesday - Friday 6:00 pm to 10:00pm & Saturday 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Contact Precision Productions at or Pauline Lourens at (721) 524- 4104 our local contact in SXM, for more information, or click below to sign up now.

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