Welcome to Behind the Music!

People say truth is stranger than fiction. In Precision we effortlessly stretch that phrase and say, the truth of what goes on behind our studio doors is always much more entertaining than anything you can imagine.

For example, the Caribbean Hit Man (CHM) is in the land of celebrity chefs, unreal sights, and the most talked about people in the world, but what is dominating his thoughts this week?

KFC. Specifically, KFC from TnT.

Kasey Phillips is currently in Los Angeles encouraging anyone coming his way to bring him a 3 piece (or more) special to satisfy that infamous Trinbagonian craving.

And yes he has found every Caribbean food truck in his area, but none have been able to soothe the calling for TnT’s deep fried goodness.

He enjoyed KFC's new Zinger to hit the spot until someone brings him #KFCTNT 

He enjoyed KFC's new Zinger to hit the spot until someone brings him #KFCTNT 


But if you are here reading this right now, it means you are curious about these kinds of stories. The ones we usually do not share.

Like, what late night snacks keep us going during Carnival? How does a song become a song? Maybe what music and artistes inspire us everyday? Or if we care that #Olitz seem to be back together again? (FYI we do, we really do!)

If so, then it is with great pleasure we welcome you to our new website and this new Behind The Music section.

Now, first things first, go look at the full website and click everything! We have all of our music at your fingertips and the new Precision merchandise store is packed with shirts, hats, bags, cell phone covers, and much more.

Done? Great. Let us know if you liked it and what you want added in the future, as well as any feedback you may have for the team.

 In the next blog we introduce you to the team!