Who Are These People?

Next we should properly introduce ourselves.

Kasey is our CEO, Head Producer, and in charge of everything Precision. He is also a Pisces, who enjoys lazy days on the beach, loves Flume, and as we previously mentioned randomly craves KFC from TnT. What you may not know is that his dad is famous producer and legendary guitarist, Kenny Phillips, who taught his son that there are no such things as limits when it comes to music.

Kasey and his Dad, Kenny Phillips, on the board. Yes! From that young!

Kasey and his Dad, Kenny Phillips, on the board. Yes! From that young!

This lead to Kasey producing full songs before he was a teenager, and by 12 years old he had his first radio hit on the airwaves. It was the Iwer George’s “I Run De Party (Tractor Remix)”.


He has literally lived in the midst of music his entire life, which is why the team tends to listen attentively (mostly) when he speaks.

And now the obvious question, who exactly is writing this? That would be me, Mystie. Unofficially they call me the Ghost of Precision, (thanks Bittsy lol), Captain Communication, or Lady Dragon, depending on the day ;)

My official title in the company however, is General Manager, which means two things. One, I am in charge of everything Kasey is not handling, and secondly I am responsible for ensuring that the wheels of Precision keep running smoothly.

Also as we go forward in this new space, I will be your official guide. At times, maybe the tea-spiller, but most importantly, the person who will get Kasey to answer all the questions you have, even the ones you did not know you needed answers to.

Besides the both of us Precision additionally has many hands working eagerly on deck, including graphic designers, an email developer, an accountant, photographers, a brand new social media team, as well as all of the artists and co-producers who join us musically all year long.

What do they have in common? They all enjoy torture by deadlines, and making you, our fans and listeners, blissful.

So, with all of this being said, we hope your interest has been piqued enough to keep you tuning in, reading, commenting, and sharing with everyone the secret goodies we are about to offer you from here on out.

There is definitely much more to come, none of which you will want to miss!