A Little Fun with the Boss :)

1. Breakfast Yay or Nay?

Always yes to breakfast. These days that is vegan food only though, also Cheerios, oats, fruits. Along those lines.

2. Big cats or small cats?

Anyone who has been to Precision’s Trini studio has met Daisy, our house cat. So small cats.

Daisy in studio giving her feedback on the new Precision tracks.

Daisy in studio giving her feedback on the new Precision tracks.

3. Socks with slippers? Or Socks or slippers?

Honestly…I do socks with slippers, but also just slippers. Whatever is easier and most comfortable in the moment.

4. Is it Bake and Shark or Shark and Bake?

Eh? Bake and shark.

5. Team Jay Z or Team Kanye for a collaboration and why?

Jay Z will forever be the boss. Always. But Team Kanye I feel. Hearing what he will do to a basic soca beat will be insane.


Who Are These People?

Next we should properly introduce ourselves.

Kasey is our CEO, Head Producer, and in charge of everything Precision. He is also a Pisces, who enjoys lazy days on the beach, loves Flume, and as we previously mentioned randomly craves KFC from TnT. What you may not know is that his dad is famous producer and legendary guitarist, Kenny Phillips, who taught his son that there are no such things as limits when it comes to music.

Kasey and his Dad, Kenny Phillips, on the board. Yes! From that young!

Kasey and his Dad, Kenny Phillips, on the board. Yes! From that young!

This lead to Kasey producing full songs before he was a teenager, and by 12 years old he had his first radio hit on the airwaves. It was the Iwer George’s “I Run De Party (Tractor Remix)”.


He has literally lived in the midst of music his entire life, which is why the team tends to listen attentively (mostly) when he speaks.

And now the obvious question, who exactly is writing this? That would be me, Mystie. Unofficially they call me the Ghost of Precision, (thanks Bittsy lol), Captain Communication, or Lady Dragon, depending on the day ;)

My official title in the company however, is General Manager, which means two things. One, I am in charge of everything Kasey is not handling, and secondly I am responsible for ensuring that the wheels of Precision keep running smoothly.

Also as we go forward in this new space, I will be your official guide. At times, maybe the tea-spiller, but most importantly, the person who will get Kasey to answer all the questions you have, even the ones you did not know you needed answers to.

Besides the both of us Precision additionally has many hands working eagerly on deck, including graphic designers, an email developer, an accountant, photographers, a brand new social media team, as well as all of the artists and co-producers who join us musically all year long.

What do they have in common? They all enjoy torture by deadlines, and making you, our fans and listeners, blissful.

So, with all of this being said, we hope your interest has been piqued enough to keep you tuning in, reading, commenting, and sharing with everyone the secret goodies we are about to offer you from here on out.

There is definitely much more to come, none of which you will want to miss!

Grab This Passport and Fly Away With Precision!

You look like you could use a vacation. 

Not to worry, Precision Productions has a timely escape all planned out and ready. 

Just for you, the team has put together a harmonious island-hopping adventure that is composed of sinuous bass lines and is entwined with unique melodies guaranteed to help you relax and enjoy all of the talent our beautiful Caribbean isles have to offer. 

And the best part of it all? The only thing you need to begin this escapade is our "Passport".

The fluid creativity of Tommy Sanchez starts the voyage off in Trinidad and Tobago. From there Teddy Rhymez soothes with a steady rock into Grenada, which is followed by a dip in St. Vincent with Jamesy P showing off his skill set. The tuneful journey then takes one merry hop to Barbados courtesy of the relentless vigor always on display with Lil Rick, before taking a sensuous ripple back to songstress Jenna in St. Lucia. Antigua's own Drastic, then draws all in with his captivating flow, just before Jamaican Kenne Blessin surges in to keep bodies steadily grooving to the compelling beat. 

This latest riddim release from Precision is the ideal musical getaway, as it navigates listening ears from island to island filling them with ecstasy as they indulge in a seasonal retreat. 


Taking You Back to Precision's Paradise!

I Am Paradise Alternative Quartet Paradise Riddim Produced by Precision Productions Directed by Pierre Chester www.alternativequartet.net Andre Donawa - Violin Andre Comeau - Violin Nariba Herbert - Viola Wasia Ward - Cello

Imagine your sweetest dream, wrapped up in a favourite memory, covered in your most secret of decadent cravings, all put to music that just lifts you up and takes you far away to a place where your soul can get lost in perfectly honeyed harmonies.

Precision Productions invites each and every one of you to this state of bliss with their brand new “Paradise Riddim”.

These zouk-infused harmony laced tracks, titillate as they soothe; while also showcasing an artistic cast, whose sole purpose is to get you in the groove.

With two masterful monarchs, Machel Montano and Teddyson John, along with gifted experts Farmer Nappy and Kerwin Du Bois, in addition to the skillful songstresses, Nadia Batson and Beverley.S, alongside the elegant strings of Alternative Quartet, this release is jam packed with a savory style that guarantees pure listening ecstasy.

Once again team Precision has successfully expanded its melodious frontiers, injecting its delightfully sublime sound into yet another season.

Êtes-vous prêts à danser avec Precision Productions pour le Carnaval 2013? Oui Oui! 

Welcome to Behind the Music!

People say truth is stranger than fiction. In Precision we effortlessly stretch that phrase and say, the truth of what goes on behind our studio doors is always much more entertaining than anything you can imagine.

For example, the Caribbean Hit Man (CHM) is in the land of celebrity chefs, unreal sights, and the most talked about people in the world, but what is dominating his thoughts this week?

KFC. Specifically, KFC from TnT.

Kasey Phillips is currently in Los Angeles encouraging anyone coming his way to bring him a 3 piece (or more) special to satisfy that infamous Trinbagonian craving.

And yes he has found every Caribbean food truck in his area, but none have been able to soothe the calling for TnT’s deep fried goodness.

He enjoyed KFC's new Zinger to hit the spot until someone brings him #KFCTNT 

He enjoyed KFC's new Zinger to hit the spot until someone brings him #KFCTNT 


But if you are here reading this right now, it means you are curious about these kinds of stories. The ones we usually do not share.

Like, what late night snacks keep us going during Carnival? How does a song become a song? Maybe what music and artistes inspire us everyday? Or if we care that #Olitz seem to be back together again? (FYI we do, we really do!)

If so, then it is with great pleasure we welcome you to our new website and this new Behind The Music section.

Now, first things first, go look at the full website and click everything! We have all of our music at your fingertips and the new Precision merchandise store is packed with shirts, hats, bags, cell phone covers, and much more.

Done? Great. Let us know if you liked it and what you want added in the future, as well as any feedback you may have for the team.

 In the next blog we introduce you to the team!

We Muzik Volume 8 is Available Now Online and in Stores!

"Soulful anthem of the year, Far From Finished by Voice, along with two top songs from Machel Montano" 


Caribbean Carnivals are heating up! To help you hold onto the memories too sweet to be forgotten, Precision Productions releases the most sought after soundtrack of Soca in 2017.We

This coveted album composed of only hits by Soca's most entertaining stars is available digitally for sale or streaming from all of your favourite Online Retailers; including iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Digital, and Pandora.

The full-length 18-track album includes the winning Soca Monarch and soulful anthem of the year, Far From Finished by Voice, along with two top songs from Machel Montano, Lip Service and Your Time Now!

International acts R.City and Kreesha Turner are also featured together with Kerwin Du Bois, Preedy, Ricardo Drue, GBM Nutron, KES The Band, Skinny Fabulous, and many more including upcoming songstress Savi Sav.

Already considered one of the must-buy albums of the year, We Muzik Vol. 8 will definitely keep Carnival lovers in their glee as they move from island to island enjoying the pure ecstasy only Soca can bring all year long.

Own Your Copy Today!


Kerwin and Patrice: Unforgettable

Nothing compares to or is more treasured by revellers than making joyful Carnival memories with those we care deeply for. This is a truth that Kerwin Du Bois alongside Patrice Roberts know all too well, and passionately express with true finesse on their track. Kerwin also co-writes this one with Aaron “Voice” St. Louis of Full Blown Entertainment, and working together they colourfully describe the poignant emotions these annual celebrations evoke as well as the unbreakable bonds they build.

Indigisounds and Precision Productions debut first ever Soca Sample Library at NAMM in Los Angeles!

News Release

Trinidad and Tobago, January 18th, 2017—From January 19th to 22nd 2017, Indigisounds and Precision Productions will be making their debut and hosting their own Booth (Number 201C22) at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) trade show in Los Angeles. It is at this trade show they will be launching the first ever Soca sample library, Soca Starter Pack – Volume 1 by Indigisounds and Precision Productions. A collection of sounds that is unique to this genre and a feat, which has never before been done or presented at NAMM. This is truly an impressive and monumental step toward bringing Soca with all of its rhythmic intricacies to the entire musical universe.

Especially since, this trade show is widely considered as the holy grail of any music manufacturer who wishes to exhibit their products directly to this specific audience. It is held annually in the Anaheim Convention Center, L.A., and boasts of over 100 000 visitors every year consisting of distributors, resellers, and music enthusiasts.

Representing our culture and music as exhibitors at the show are Johann Chuckaree and David Chow co-founders of Indigisounds, and Kasey Phillips of Precision Productions.

Indigisounds are young visionaries who understand that in order for the world to hear and become involved in our indigenous music, they must first have direct access to it all. To that end they have created multiple musical sample packs that give global producers and musicians hands-on contact with the sublime elements of our original sounds.

Teaming up with them on this mission is Precision Productions one of the most notable and elite Soca and music production houses out of the Caribbean.

Together they will be promoting the musical sample packs created by Indigisounds and their many collaborators, and doing so in a format widely known and used in the music production, composition, and arranging domain.

Along with the one of a kind Soca Starter Pack these include, Indigisounds Steelpan Samples, the largest and most authentic Steelpan sample library; and the exclusive sample library of Trinidad and Tobago’s percussion co-created with Jus Now and Laventille Rhythm Section, Indigisounds and Jus Now present Laventille Rhythm Section.

With these sample packs production houses around the world can now combine our local music with their own.

This undertaking has been an exciting one for all involved and it is the first time a company of this kind from the Caribbean will be exhibiting such local products at this prestigious event.

Johann, David, and Kasey are well known in their specific fields and are sure to give a great showing as they interact with so many well placed world musical connections, once again positively putting who we are and our culture on the world map.

So if you happen to be in the area, be sure to stop by and support Team TnT at NAMM this week.

This awesome task would not have been possible without help from many supporters and friends alike.

Special mention and thanks must go out to, Jus Now, the Laventille Rhythm Section, Precision Productions, Steelpan Tuning Facility, ExporTT Ltd., and Caribbean Entertainment Technologies Ltd.